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The founder, Doris Hinestroza Gutierrez

She is Professor of Mathematics from the University of Valle. Professor Hinestroza studied both, undergraduate and master's degree programs in mathematics at the University of Valle. She made her PhD studies at the University of Cincinnati, in the United States. Since three years ago, she has been given financial support, from her own salary, to some students of the University of Valle and other high school students. With the idea of involving a higher number of other underprivileged youngsters to support, she has decided to create a foundation, which seeks to support young people with limited resources who want to study at public schools and colleges. She also plans to support boys and girls who are interested in sports and arts. The founder feels that starting from education, sports and arts, she can contribute to having a better country; a peaceful country.


The Mission of the Foundation is to give financial support to both, Colombian and foreign poor youngsters in their high school and college level education in public schools and universities. It will also support them in sports and arts.


The Foundation will have a large number of students committed in becoming integral professionals, thoughtful, having ethical principles, knowledgeable of constitutional principles and useful to society; committed with their families, their region and their country. We will support young men and women who are sensitive and feel solidarity for humanity; who will work for the common good, the rational use of natural resources and with respect for human life.